The Audioquest Forest 48 Gbit HDMI cable can transfer up to 10K Ultra-HD professional videos. The impressive 48 Gbps data rate is made possible by four balanced audio/video pairs capable of 12 Gbps each. And, of course, the latest technology is backwards compatible with 4K displays.
HDM48FOR-0.6 M
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Audioquest Forest 48 HDMI

The Audioquest Forest 48 HDMI cable has solid high purity copper conductors plated with 0.5% silver to optimize the transfer of digital signals. This design allows it to display a high transfer rate of 48 Gbps and ensure perfect transmission of UHD 4K, 8K and 10K HDR streams, but also Dolby Atmos and DTS:X audio streams thanks to eARC technology.

Audioquest Forest 48 HDMI: silver-plated copper 

The Audioquest Forest 48 HDMI cable benefits from the know-how and many technologies of the American manufacturer to ensure perfect transfer of digital signals between a source and an ultra high definition screen or video projector. It is for this cable to provide a very high speed of 48 Gbps through the use of solid copper conductors plated with 0.5% silver. This solution allows excellent conduction of the highest frequencies which always pass on the surface of the cable, silver being a conductor offering superior performance to that of copper. The use of solid conductors also makes it possible to limit the interaction between the different strands, guaranteeing a transmission without distortions and interferences. The Audioquest Forest 48 HDMI cable can thus support UHD 4K streams up to 120 frames per second or 8K up to 60 fps, and even 10K, which makes it perfectly suited for video production. High dynamic range programs like HDR, HDR10+ or ​​Dolby Vision are also compatible with the Audioquest Forest 48 HDMI cable.

Audioquest Forest 48 HDMI: ARC and eARC  

In addition to its compatibility with UHD programs up to 10K, the Audioquest Forest 48 HDMI cable also ensures perfect transmission of high-resolution audio streams and multi-channel tracks, including Dolby Atmos and DTS :X. It can transmit these streams in both directions, whether from the source to the receiver (amplifier, soundbar, TV, etc.) or from the TV to an amplifier or soundbar thanks to the support of technologies ARC and eARC. These also take advantage of silver-plated copper conductors to ensure optimal signal transfer, even over long lengths. 

Audioquest Forest 48 HDMI: high isolation 

To preserve all the micro-information of the video and audio streams, the Audioquest Forest 48 HDMI adopts a noise-dissipation system for each of its conductors. Coupled with insulation of the conductors by high-density polyethylene, these provide a high level of shielding to block external interference and ensure that the signal received is strictly identical to that emitted by the source. Perfectly at home with any video or home cinema system, the Audioquest Forest 48 HDMI cable allows you to fully enjoy programs in ultra high resolution 4K and 8K and 10K HDR, as well as multi-channel tracks.


HDMI Type A cable 
48 Gbps bandwidth 
4K, 8K and 10K UHD compatible 
HDR compatible including HDR10+ and Dolby Vision 
ARC and eARC compatible 
Solid 0.5% silver-plated copper conductors 
Noise-dissipation system for each conductor 
High-density polyethylene dielectric insulation  ;
Gold plated contacts


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